The Catholic Church is in a deep crisis, as hundreds of thousands are abandoning the faith.
Many are wondering … is this the Great Apostasy foretold by Scripture? 


Desmond Birch, well-known author, speaker, and teacher, retired from classroom teaching and lecturing in late 2019. Many have read one of his books in particular, Trial, Tribulation & Triumph, before, During and After Antichrist. The lion’s share of his other writing has been in the form of monographs – written to explicate difficult points for both seminarians and lay students in various areas of philosophy, theology and Church History. Additionally he has taught and tutored in Latin to both groups.

Married to Jean, his bride of fifty two years, they have six children most of whom are married with grandchildren.

He actively writes on some of the subjects he has taught, and currently is completing a book on the disastrous results of bad philosophy upon culture and civilizations throughout salvation history. His central thesis therein is his contention that – besides the obvious causes of today’s disastrous state of affairs [such causes as, bad catechization, rejection of grace, rejection of Christ and His Church in former Christian nations, dissolution of an extremely high percentage of marriages/families, aberrant sexual practices, the justification of total war, etc., etc.,] the major earthly cause of such horrors is and has been – Bad Philosophy.

The Title of his presentation is, “Where We Stand in Salvation History.”