The Catholic Church is in a deep crisis, as hundreds of thousands are abandoning the faith.
Many are wondering … is this the Great Apostasy foretold by Scripture? 


Throughout the 20th Century, the Catholic Church has witnessed an unprecedented transformation. Glorious church architecture has been reduced to profane structures better resembling gymnasiums; sacred art has been discarded in favor of misshapen and grotesque impressions; chant and hymns have been replaced by guitars and tambourines; middle-aged women in leotards dance in place of altar boys; and the Sacred Liturgy, changing its attention from God to Man, has made Sacrifice into a meal.

The net result of these radical changes has been nothing short of catastrophic! 

And now? The voice of Peter more closely resembles Judas as Mass attendance is discouraged, the Sacraments are denied to the Faithful, and parishes across the globe are being shuttered and sold. 

  • Why has the Vatican sold out the Church in China?
  • Why is the Vatican working so closely with population control enthusiasts at the United Nations?
  • Why is the Pope calling for a “New World Order” and a humanistic brotherhood of mankind? 

You are invited to attend a one-time-only LIVE online event being held June 24-26: 

The International Conference On The Great Apostasy. 

Through nine exciting sessions, delivered by Catholic experts, you will discover:

  • What the Great Apostasy actually is, as foretold by Scripture and Holy Tradition How to recognize the Great Apostasy, what has to happen first, and what it will be like
  • What major historical events prefigure the Great Apostasy
  • What is happening in the Church right now, and how it relates to the Great Apostasy 


We’ve hand-picked some of the top Catholic Experts in the world on history, prophecy, theology, and current events to discuss the question, “Are we living in the time of the Great Apostasy?” Each of these speakers agreed to speak during this online event because of the urgency of this situation – and to empower you, and faithful Catholics around the world, to make a difference at this crucial time.

Jesuit Father Robert McTeigue is the host of the weekday radio talk show, “The Catholic Current” via The Station of the Cross Studios. He’s author of “Real Philosophy for Real People: Tools for Truthful Living” and “I Have Someone to Tell You: A Jesuit Heralds the Gospel.” A weekly contributor to Aleteia, Father McTeigue is also on the National Ethics Committee of the Catholic Medical Association. He has taught and lectured around the world.

Dr. Edmund J. Mazza teaches online courses in Church and World History at Mazza is the weekly host of “The Bar of History” show at and author of “The Scholastics and the Jews: Coexistence, Conversion and the Medieval Origins of Tolerance” from Angelico Press. Mazza taught history at Azusa Pacific University for 14 years. Mazza is a frequent guest on the Dr. Taylor Marshall, The Meaning of Catholic, and the Ann Barnhardt podcasts.

John-Henry is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of He and his wife Dianne and their eight children live in the Ottawa Valley in Ontario, Canada.

He has spoken at conferences and retreats, and appeared on radio and television throughout North America, Europe and Asia…


Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, Thomistic theologian, liturgical scholar, and choral composer, is a graduate of Thomas Aquinas College and The Catholic University of America. He has taught for the International Theological Institute in Austria, the Franciscan University of Steubenville’s Austria Program, and Wyoming Catholic College, which he helped establish in 2006. He writes regularly for blogs, magazines, and newspapers, and has published eleven books, six of which concern traditional Catholicism. Visit his website at

Brother Andre Marie, who holds an MA in Theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary, is the Prior of Saint Benedict Center in Richmond, New Hampshire, and the publisher of, where hundreds of his articles on a variety of Catholic topics may be found. He also hosts a weekly internet radio show called Reconquest.

Patrick Archbold is co-founder of Creative Minority Report, columnist for The Remnant and a former columnist at the National Catholic Register. When not writing, Patrick is director of information technology at a large international logistics company. Patrick, his wife Terri, and their five children reside in Long Island, N.Y.

Michael Hichborn, founder and president of the Lepanto Institute, is a well known public figure in the pro-life movement. Michael spent seven and a half years as American Life League’s Director of the Defend the Faith project. In this capacity, Michael has researched and produced an annual report on organizations receiving grant money from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. 


Before Father James Altman was ordained, he was firmly entrenched in a successful professional career. After working in a steel mill to put himself through college , he went to the University of Michigan where he received his MBA in Finance and Accounting. From there he worked as a commercial lender. Graduating from law school in 1991 he practiced in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich…


Desmond Birch, well-known author, speaker, and teacher, retired from classroom teaching and lecturing in late 2019. Many have read one of his books in particular, Trial, Tribulation & Triumph, before, During and After Antichrist. The lion’s share of his other writing has been in the form of monographs – written to explicate difficult points… 



  • GAIN UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT’S HAPPENING IN OUR CHURCH: In 1933, Pope Pius XII said, “I am concerned about the confidences of the Virgin to the little Lucia of Fatima.” He went on to indicate that he was concerned because Our Lady was “warning against the suicide that the alteration of the Faith, in its liturgy, its theology, and its soul, would represent.” This conference will explore what’s happened in our Church, leading to the current crisis, explain what it means, and show the way forward.
  • YOUR ONLINE TICKET IS FREE: Although most Catholic conferences cost money to attend (not to mention the cost of travel and lodging), we’re giving you a free ticket because of the urgency of the crisis and to get this crucial information out to the widest possible audience … but you must claim your spot NOW because presentations will only be available for free during the live online conference, June 24-26, and for 72 hours after it concludes.
  • JOIN FROM YOUR HOME, CHURCH, OR OFFICE: You don’t have to travel to attend – all conference sessions are being conducted online, and can be easily accesed from any Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can join any (or all) of the live sessions as they happen, or catch the replays for 72 hours following the conference. 
  • ACCESS TO LEADING CATHOLIC EXPERTS: By registering and attending this conference, you can participate in exclusive presentations where these top Catholic influencers expose the depth of the crisis in the Church and lift the mysterious shroud of prophecy to understand everything that’s at stake. 
  • MAKE A POWERFUL DIFFERENCE: You’ll walk away from this conference equipped and empowered to help protect our beloved Catholic Church at this crucial moment in history.

WARNING: Don’t wait to register! The announcement about this online conference is being sent to hundreds of thousands of people, and there are limited spaces available … so register NOW, before all the spots fill up!


It is with deep and humble gratitude that we recognize and thank the following organizations for their kind assistance in helping us make this vital Conference a reality.